Master of Science in Applied Economics

Informational Videos

The series of videos below constitute an online Information Session about our program. Each video corresponds to a different section of a PowerPoint presentation. 

Welcome and Introductions

Put faces to the names of our program’s team: our Program Director, Dr. John Straub, and our program coordinators Kaitlyn Walker (College Park location) and Herman Byrd (D.C. location).

Overview from Department Chair Andrew Sweeting

Highlights of our program, our department, and the University of Maryland in general.

Placement of our Graduates, STEM Designation, CBE Credential

Some details from program director, Dr. John Straub, about the employment of our graduates, the program’s STEM designation, and the Certified Business Economist (CBE) credential available to our graduates through our partnership with the National Association for Business Economics (NABE).

Curriculum and Faculty

Detailed description of our program’s curriculum and faculty.


Discussion of specific details related to the admissions criteria and application process.

Alternative Plans of Study

Details about the timing of class meetings and plans of study that permit completing the degree in as little as 15 months, or pursuing the degree at a slower pace.