Department of Economics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Master of Science
Program in Applied Economics

Dr. John Straub, Program Director

College Park location
1102 Morrill Hall
Program Coordinator:
Hardeep Chowdhary
(301) 405-3557

Washington, DC location
1400 16th Street, NW
Suite 140
Washington, DC 20036
Program Coordinator:
Breana Dinh
(202) 525-4308

Master of Science in Applied Economics

Quantitative Analysis for Evidence-Based Policy Decisions

Our STEM-designated M.S. in Applied Economics is a carefully designed program offering rigorous training in quantitative economic analysis, and applied econometrics. 

More than ever,
professorsemployers need analysts who are skilled in evidence-based quantitative methods. Professional analysts who can understand and apply economic research are in high demand. A professional masters degree that gives you enhanced analytical skills will give you a valuable advantage in your work and expand your career opportunities. 

You can view a series of videos about our program.
The videos are presentations by our department chair and program director about our program's curriculum, cost, placement outcomes, admission requirements, and other important features.

Please note
: All instruction in our program will be online through the summer of 2021.  We are hopeful that in-person instruction can resume in the fall of 2021.  The ultimate decisions about resumption of in-person instruction will prioritize the health and safety of students, instructors, and staff. 


Program Highlights

Ranked #1 Economics Master's Program in the US by TFE Times

Tuition significantly lower than tuition at comparable programs

STEM-designated program with a strong record of employment outcomes for graduates

A rich network of alumni already employed in the field

Read more about these and other Program Highlights

Accepting Applications for 2021 Enrollment

Application Deadlines

For domestic applicants seeking spring enrollment:

The application deadline for spring 2021 enrollment has passed.  It is possible to apply for enrollment in the spring of 2022.  The application deadline for spring 2022 enrollment will be in Wednesday, December 15, 2021.
Please note:
Spring enrollment is only possible for domestic applicants to the Washington, DC-based version of our program (ECAO).  Spring enrollment is not possible for international applicants who would need the University of Maryland to sponsor an F-1 visa.  Spring enrollment is also not possible for domestic applicants who wish to pursue the degree on our main campus in College Park.

For international applicants:
The application deadline for international applicants has passed.  International applicants who would like to enroll in the fall of 2021 should send an email to as soon as possible, to see if there's still enough time to process a late application.  
It is possible for international applicants to apply for fall 2022 enrollment.  The application deadline for fall 2022 enrollment will be Wednesday, February 9, 2022.
Please note
: We only sponsor F-1 visas for students in our College Park location.  International applicants who would need The University of Maryland to sponsor a student visa are only eligible to apply for fall enrollment in our College Park location.

For domestic applicants seeking fall 2021 enrollment: Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Please note: Domestic applicants seeking fall enrollment can enroll in our quarter-based program in DC, or the traditional semester-based program in College Park.  The curriculum is identical in both locations.  Most domestic applicants prefer the DC location because it's closer to employers in DC, and the quarter-based academic calendar is more flexible and more conducive to pursuing the degree while working during the day.  If you are unsure about which location would be best for you, please email

Additional application information 

Attend an Information Session

Our program will host a live online Information Session with Q&A on Thursday, April 22nd, at 6:45PM EST.

Please RSVP to for details.

The presentation slides and a series of video presentations about our program are also available online at any time.