Department of Economics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Master of Science
Program in Applied Economics

Dr. John Straub, Program Director

College Park location
1102 Morrill Hall
Program Coordinator:
Hardeep Chowdhary
(301) 405-3557

Washington, DC location
1400 16th Street, NW
Suite 140
Washington, DC 20036
Program Coordinator:
Breana Dinh
(202) 525-4308

The University of Maryland's 
Master of Science in Applied Economics

Quantitative Analysis for Evidence-Based Policy Decisions

More than ever, professorsorganizations and agencies need program and policy analysts who are skilled in evidence-based quantitative methods. Professionals who can understand and apply economic research are in high demand. A professional masters degree that gives you enhanced analytical skills will give you a valuable advantage in your work and expand your career opportunities.
Our STEM-designated M.S. in Applied Economics is a carefully designed program offering
rigorous training in quantitative analysis, economic modeling and econometrics.


Evening Programs in Washington, DC and College Park, MD

We offer our 10-course, 30-credit program in 2 different locations: downtown Washington, DC near DuPont Circle, and also in College Park on the main campus of the University of Maryland.

Domestic students can pursue the degree at our Washington, DC location or at our College Park location.  In Washington, DC the program is offered on a quarter-based academic calendar, which permits both spring and fall admissions cycles, and enables students to complete the 10-course master's degree in as little as 15 months, though students are also free to pursue the degree at a slower pace if they prefer.   

International students who need an F-1 visa must apply to the College Park version of our program.  We do not sponsor international student visas for students in the Washington, DC location, but the full-time program on our main campus in College Park is able to sponsor F-1 visas for international students.

The College Park version of our program is on a traditional semester-based academic calendar.  Full-time students complete the program in 2 academic years by taking 3 courses in their first 3 semesters, and a final course in their 4th semester.  The single course in the 4th semester accommodates students who work at internships during their final semester.  International students can travel in the US or back to their home country during the winter and summer breaks.  Students also have the option of taking a course or two during the summer between the first and second year, which makes it possible for full-time students in College Park to graduate in December of their 2nd year (16 months after enrolling), rather than in May of their 2nd year (21 months after enrolling).  Please note that course options are limited for students who choose to graduate early in College Park. 

All courses are offered in the evening in both locations.  The seminar-style classes are taught by renowned economists affiliated with the University of Maryland,
most of whom are also employed as professional economists in the Washington, DC area.

Now Accepting Applications for Spring and Fall 2020 Enrollment

Application deadlines

For domestic applicants seeking spring 2020 enrollment: Tuesday, December 17, 2019.
Please note: Spring enrollment is only possible in our Washington, DC location, and we do not sponsor visas for international students in our Washington, DC location.  Spring enrollment is only possible for domestic applicants, or for international applicants who already have a visa that permits study in the US (G4 visas, for example). 

For international applicants seeking fall 2020 enrollment: Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

Please note: We only sponsor F1 visas for students in our College Park location.  International applicants who need us to sponsor a student visa are only eligible to apply for fall enrollment in our College Park location. 

For domestic applicants seeking fall 2020 enrollment: Tuesday, June 30, 2020.
Please note: Domestic applicants seeking fall enrollment can apply to either location - Washington, DC or College Park.  Most domestic applicants find the DC location more convenient because it is closer to their employers and more conducive to part-time study.

Additional application information

Attend an Information Session

Our department is hosting 2 Information Sessions in the DC area:

Thursday, November 7th on our main campus in College Park, and
Wednesday, December 11th in Washington, DC near DuPont Circle

Both sessions will be at 6:45 PM.  There will be a presentation and opportunities to meet with our program director, Dr. John Straub, and with other representatives from our department.  Light refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP for exact locations:

You can also stream the recording of an online information session about our  program via the following link:

The full presentation, including Q&A at the end, is about 1 hour long.  A "clickable" table of contents makes it easy to skip to the next topic at any point.
Our STEM-designated Master of Science degree program is currently accepting applications for 2020 - spring or fall enrollment.  The online application is posted with additional information on this page of our website